The Springfield Public Auto Auction is a Subsidiary of Polen's BuyBid Auto Exchange a Wholesale dealer only Auction, With New & Used Car Dealers Throughout Illinois. We are now opening our First Public Auto Auction. This is an exciting new way for the General Public to purchase a car. All new and used car dealers have aged and duplicated inventory and selling these cars is of the highest priority. Over the next few months we will have 1000's more cars to choose from as more and more of our wholesale dealers start consigning.

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You may view the auction inventory and request trade-in / payment info any time during the week. The auction starts each Saturday morning at 6:00am and ends Sunday evening at 6:00pm. We suggest you submit your trade-in / payment request prior to the auction. The dealership will email you an "estimated" Trade-in / payment based on the info you provide and the auction price reserve which may be lower based on the final bid.

Just sign-in...all we need is your name and email address which will be required each time you visit us. No salesman will call you. All communications are done through emails.

Review our auction consignment throughout the week, It's best if you submit your trade-in / payment info (if applicable) before the auction starts, however it is not mandatory. Research the Blue Book or NADA value and start bidding. All cars have a price reserve. When the auction ends the price reserve may not have been met, but if you are one of the two high bidders you still have the right to negotiate the sale price. All cars listed in the auction are subject to being retailed at any time prior to the auction ending time.

If the auction reserve is met the winning bidder will receive a high bid conformation in their email and may take the email conformation to the selling dealership. If the auction reserve is not met the two highest bidders will be contacted by the dealership and even though the price reserve has not been met may negotiate a lower price reserve to make a deal.

Auction sales are approved and completed at the selling dealership during the week following Sunday's auction. All sales are subject to buyers inspection / approval and the dealerships physical appraisal of trade-in and approved credit, if applicable.

You as the bidder and the dealership as the seller agree that the selling dealership has a reserve price set on each car and If your auction bid is below the reserve or the information provided by you or the dealership is incorrect that you or the dealership may cancel the sale completely or negotiate new terms and complete the sale.

All new and most used auto dealers provide many options for dealer financing

You are not obligated to complete this transaction if dissatisfied for any reason. Thank You and Good Luck

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